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Rhino Rock

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Rhino Rock is one of Hong Kong's most easily-recognised rock formations and can be reached via a short 1km trail starting at Stanley Fort, just up the road from Stanley Market on Hong Kong Island. It's a very quick hike so I'd suggest combining it with a beach day, either at Stanley, Repulse or Deepwater Bay. The trail is straight-forward, however if you want something a little more adventurous there are many large rocks en route to the Rhino Rock, which make for great climbing and bouldering.

Hike Difficulty: Easy (1/10)

Hike Length: 1-2 Hours

High Distance: 2km

Elevation Gain: <100m

These steps mark the start of the trail. Once at Stanley Market you need to make your way to Stanley Fort either by public transport or by walking as South as possible along Wong Ma Kok Road. Right at the end of the road is a roundabout and a Chinese Army base. Smile at the armed guards outside the base and begin the trail by ascending the steps.

The steps take you up roughly 100 meters of incline until you reach the trig point.

Take a right at the trig point through the excessively ribboned bamboo. There are many routes to choose from and all will lead you to Rhino Rock. If still unsure of where to go, you need to head South-East, taking your bearings from the tiny rocky island (called Lo Chau). As previously mentioned, some of the large rocks along the way are great for climbing.

It shouldn't take long to find the Rhino. I flew the drone here but wouldn't recommend it as you have the Chinese PLA Army base and Stanley Prison either side of you. Fly at your own risk.

It's an out and back hike, so just retrace your steps to get back to Wong Ma Kok Road. If you're lucky, a double-decker bus heading for Stanley will arrive shortly. Otherwise, head right and enjoy the 30 minute walk along the coastal road to Stanley Market.

See the route I took on the MAP below (green dot is the starting point) and download the KML file to see the route in Google Earth 3D. Watch my KML tutorials for downloading the map on both laptop and mobile.

Below is a screenshot from the Google Earth KML file.

Rhino Rock
Download KML • 10KB


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